Paun Family Chiropractic and Wellness values our patients' experience in our office. If you are currently a PFCW patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Joseph J. Paun, MS, DC, CSCS    |     Dr. Sarah R. Paun, DC, LAc

I am so pleased with the excellent service I have received here. The treatment, the service, and the people have been fantastic. The treatment has helped me personally and I recommend anyone to come to visit the Paun Family office. I guaranteed you will be satisfied.

- Gloria G.

My experience at Paun Family Chiropractic and Wellness was one of surprise and complete satisfaction. Surprise was the gentleness experienced, the personal care, and the three different tasks given at each session, namely: stimulation, manual therapy, and adjustment. Each therapist was totally concerned with my condition, each session was on time, (no waiting for two or more hours) an the entire staff operated as one well-coordinated team.

Best of all, this is natural medicine. There are no pills to take and no worries about side effects. There is a learning that goes on so that the patient can use muscles properly thereby helping the body to stay in good condition. 

I recommend Paun Family Chiropractic and Wellness without reservation.

- Evelyn B.

I was suffering from left shoulder/upper left back pain and neck pain with stiffness, numbness, and sharp shooting pain for about two months, from work related issues and bad posture working 10+ hours a day on the computer. I was referred to Paun Family Chiropractic and Wellness by a friend. I went in and had an initial consultation with Dr. Joseph Paun. He evaluated my condition and set in place a personal treatment plan for me. Dr. Joe took the time to explain in detail what was needed to be done in treating and helping my shoulder, back, and neck pain. I've been going through with my treatment plan for 8-10 weeks now, and my pain and discomfort is almost entirely gone. I feel so much better now and it's wonderful being able to enjoy fun activities without pain.

Paun Family Chiropractic and Wellness is awesome!! Dr. Joe and his entire staff are top notch!! The most professional, friendliest, and courteous group of people that you can meet! If you are having any back, neck or shoulder pain and don't know where to turn or where to go. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to you to call or visit:

- Milan M.

Family Chiropractor and Wellness became our go-to after my husband and I were looking for relief from constant pain. My husband, an Army Veteran, dealt with constant neck and lower back pain from different military related injuries. He had been going through physical therapy for years and still felt no relief. He has always been in shape with a healthy diet. After just a couple weeks of treatment his whole demeanor and posture changed.

Before delivering our son, I was in constant pain that left me fighting back tears every time I had to move. Once my son was born via 100% natural delivery I thought the pain would subside from loosing all the baby weight. However, my hips still caused me sharp and stabbing pain. I had never been to a chiropractor, but with Yoga and Physical therapy not adding up to relief I tried my first adjustment with Dr. Sarah Paun. Within a couple weeks I felt whole again.

It doesn't end there though!! Dr. Sarah also saw our son starting at six months after noticing he had discomfort opening his mouth wide when trying solids, and discomfort when trying to crawl. I had ended up exclusively pumping for my son after months of trying to latch him correctly. He was seen by 4 lactation consultants, all saying he was perfect and should be able to nurse. But, he was never able to open his mouth wide enough. After ONE adjustment my son went home with us and opened his mouth wide and was wide eyed with excitement to try food again. He went from very slowly gaining weight and waking up at night at six months to eat, to gaining weight normally, showed an improved energy when awake, and sleeps through the night 8pm-6:30am!!! But, as if everything wasn't already emotional for my husband and I, our son crawled and giggled for his first time after his first appointment after a couple weeks of him grunting in discomfort. We thank God for the Paun Family and enjoy the entire staff!

- Brittany H.

After receiving many different reasons for my son's feeding and motor skill issues, my husband and I decided to try something different. After our first visit, our son went from never opening his mouth fully, to wide mouthed and always waiting for more food. His appetite has increased and he no long grunts in discomfort. As well, we went from rolling and pitching off his belly, to exploring new movements & crawling. This was all the same day after his FIRST adjustment.

-Pediatric Chiropractic Patient

Receiving treatment at Dr. Paun's office has been the best experience I've had with a doctor. The staff is friendly and helpful, whether early or a few minutes late for my appointment, I've never had to wait more than a few minutes before being seen even when the waiting room is filled with patients. I workout regularly but kept trying to avoid the gym when the aches and pains wouldn't go away and I knew I was doing more harm than good. I realized I needed to get serious about taking care of my body if I wanted to continue working out and improving my fitness -- which was all but stalled with shoulder and neck pain and very limited range of motion in my lower back. During my first visit, my symptoms were listened to carefully, a treatment plan was made, and I saw immediate results and pain relief. At the end of the prescribed four weeks of therapy I am pain-free and I haven't felt this good in years! I feel stronger, I have more energy, and I sleep better. I'm back in the gym and able to complete longer, harder workouts that were impossible before I started getting my spine adjusted. I highly recommend Dr. Joe and his office for chiropractic care as well as massage therapy. I'm still continuing once weekly visits and I'm confident I will be at my fittest and healthiest this year, which much thanks to Dr. Joe!

- Rebekah P.

Dr. Sarah helped me through a very tough battle. Her confidence in acupuncture helping treat my infertility was so encouraging. She explained everything each step of the way from what she was doing with needles and why it would help me. Dr. Sarah treated me from the inside out - listening to my concerns, fears, and worries along with each treatment. Plus she helped work around my schedule which made it so much easier! Infertility is the hardest battle I've had to fight and with Dr. Sarah's help I survived. Only God knows if it was the acupuncture, IVF, a miracle, or a combo of all three that has me 6 months pregnant after 2.5 years of trying but I know I couldn't have made it without her!

- Leasa K.

My family recently moved into the area and we were looking for a chiropractor for my daughter and myself for general wellness adjustments. I went in for a first time meeting and have since been 4 times. The staff is friendly and informative and Dr. Joe was very nice and really involved me in the treatment plan, giving me reasons for the treatment plan for myself and my daughter. Very thorough.

-Erica W.

You can be confident that you will get treated well at Paun Family Wellness! I have gone to Dr. Joe for shoulder pain, knee pain, and weight loos. He has improved my quality of life by helping me address specific issues. Dr. Joe is very professional. He listens to your issues, ask questions to make sure he understands your specific concerns, and then develops a plan specific to you. You never feel rushed and Dr. Joe is very thorough with his diagnostic process. There are symptoms for which Dr. Joe has recommended I see a specialist; he does not over extend himself by trying to resolve an issue outside his field. Dr. Joe does place an interest in his patients first, you can trust Paun Family Wellness.

- Tony T.

I didn't know of any chiropractors so I searched Angie's List and found Dr. Joe. He had great reviews so I called for an appointment. He is very knowledgeable. He has great bedside manner, listens to all of your issues and concerns, and is very friendly. He is very positive and is good at his work. I have been seeing him for the past month, three times a week, because my back was in bad shape. I do see an improvement with my back and the foot pain went away, but returned with the recent cold weather then went away again. My shoulder is slowly improving, but it's a work in progress. The staff is very friendly. Their office hours are great! They have evening hours for people who work. It's not hard to get an appointment which is really nice. I have recommended him to all of my family because I think he's good at what he does. Also, they offer massages as "manual therapy" as part of your treatment (if needed), but make sure your insurance covers it otherwise you will pay the cash price which can be costly if you see him often.

- Yesnia D.

I love getting acupuncture from Dr. Sarah! I got back from vacation and my ear was plugged from the plane from Sunday to Thursday, one treatment with Dr. Sarah and it popped 30 mins after I left the office! What a relief!

- Cyndil D.

Your customer service is wonderful. We really appreciate that they called and took care of a billing mistake (on our INSURANCE'S part). We ALWAYS have to take care of that. Thank you Dr. Joe!

- Emily C.

Dr. Joseph Paun is fantastic. He and his staff are very friendly. My daughter and I have received services and we're both much better for it. I will not hesitate to use Dr. Paun for any physical problem I may have in the future.

- Arnie K.

Went with my daughter for her visit. The wait time was no problem, very thorough, explained as he went along. So far, very happy with this office. Reason for visit: alignment and lymphodema. Appointment was for 5:45, took me about 5:50. Did a pre-exam, blood pressure, health history, very thorough.

- Judy M.

By Tuesday morning, Oct 8th, I had such horrible lower back pain that I took a sick day to get some answers. Not only was Paun Wellness covered by Aetna, the co-pay was very low. He diagnosed a compressed spine that afternoon on a last minute appointment and very, very gently began the process of pulling my spine back into order. After one week of very gentle electric/ ice gel pack therapy, massage therapy, and spinal decompression, I am able to move freely, very little if any soreness while before these treatments I was in absolute agony. No sleep, no appetite, no desire for anything - even television - sitting anywhere, laying down, standing. No relief until I went to Paun Wellness. I have a supply of his business cards with me and hand them out everywhere I go when I find someone else hurting. I cannot say enough good things about this chiropractic practice. Am 61 year old male and when the pain went away, I wept for joy at home. I can finally sleep again.

- Rick P.

I have been seeing Dr. Sarah Paun for acupuncture for approximately 3 years. I receive monthly acupuncture to ensure balance and to help me sleep. However, when it was time to start trying for baby number two, I started seeing Dr. Sarah two times/month due to the fact that I had fertility issues with my first pregnancy. I truly appreciated the fact that Dr. Sarah did extra research on my condition to ensure she was treating me correctly and was amazed to see that I was pregnant after only 7 months of trying. Once pregnant, Dr. Sarah (and acupuncture) also helped manage all my pregnancy symptoms and helped keep me as comfortable as possible throughout the journey. Finally, Paun Family wellness truly does make you feel like part of their family and I truly enjoy going in for my appointments.

- Jen W.

Very good doctor. Willing to answer your questions.

- Linda H.

Paun Family Chiropractic and Wellness helped me very much. They were great. The staff were professional, courteous. It was a good experience. The doctor made a big effort to find a treatment plan that was specific for my needs since I have a special hard case to deal with. He made every effort to tailor the treatment that would suit me.

- Clara L.

I love Paun Family Chiropractic! They not only care for my back and neck, they care for my overall well being. These are doctors who treat their patients like family. I see Dr. Sarah for acupuncture, as well as my son, and it has changed our lives. They never pressure me into unnecessary therapy or sales. I highly recommend them!

- Julie L.

Excellent service. I was visiting from out of town and used them based on Angie's List. Provided thorough exam.

- Jesse G.

I would highly recommend Paun Family Chiropractic and Wellness. Dr. Joe Paun is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. His staff is exceptionally friendly and very helpful in acquiring insurance benefits.

- PFCW Patient

I've been going to Dr. Joe for several months now and I always look forward to my appointments. The office and physical therapy staff are super friendly and attentive, which makes visits to the office fun. In the last few months with Dr. Joe, my mobility has improved more than it ever did in the four years with my previous chiropractor. Not only has he adjusted my alignment, but he also has me doing strength training exercises in physical therapy to prevent a return to my previous pain levels. I haven't felt this good in years.

- Joey T.

This is a wonderful office - the staff are friendly, caring, and professional. They take the time to assure you are comfortable and that you receive great service. Dr. Joe is excellent - he was thorough in his assessment and treatments. The adjustments did wonders for back issues I've had for 6 years. His guidance on strengthening regimen was also very helpful. My back is much better. I highly recommend Paun Chiropractic and Wellness. I guarantee you will be satisfied.

- Stacey D.

Dr. Joe and Dr. Sarah have been incredibly kind, caring, friendly, and patient our entire family. They have truly been devoted to helping us all get healthy and have really been available to us when we needed them. Dr. Joe and Dr. Sarah are extremely knowledgeable, educated, and have really listened to our health concerns. They have been able to provide practical solutions for weight loss and for a healthier lifestyle for our whole family. Most touching of all, Dr.Joe has shown genuine interest in and has been incredibly enthusiastic about helping our 7 year old son, Stephen, who has autism. We cannot say enough positive things about Paun Wellness as a whole. Dr. Joe is definitely one of the best doctors we have seen to date, and Paun Family Wellness has provided some of the best care and treatment of any doctor’s office that we have visited. We thank God that we have found Paun Family Wellness, where the doctors really have gone above and beyond to help our family. Thank you, Dr.Joe and Dr. Sarah, for showing true concern for our total health and the health of our family. We are blessed to have you in our lives.

With appreciation,
The Schwemlein Family

Dr. Joe and his staff are absolutely wonderful! I never feel like he is rushing through patients when it is a busy afternoon. Him and his staff are very personable and care about each patient. I highly recommend Paun Family Chiropractic and Wellness.

- Kara P.

Paun Family Wellness has helped my family. My weight had skyrocketed to 327 lbs;reading an article about Dr. Joe and Dr. Sarah sparked something in me, I needed them. So far, I have lost 31 lbs. Wow! I never was able to do that with any other program. The BIA test performed in their office showed me what to base my weight loss goal on, how much to exercise, and what not to eat. They are showing me the way to get healthy. I have total faith in Paun Family Wellness. I am on track to an all the way healthier and happier life.Every morning I have my pre-meal shake to start my day off right and with health. Thank you Dr Joe & Dr Sarah, and your wonderful and friendly staff!Feel free to call them and check on my progress!

- Vickie J.

The people at Paun Family Chiropractic are so helpful and friendly! I've definitely found my chiropractor and wellness center for life! I HIGHLY recommend seeing Dr. Joe and Dr. Sarah!

- PFCW Patient

If you are looking for compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable physicians for any and all your health care needs, I highly recommend Paun Family Chiropractic!! Whether you visit Dr. Joe or Dr. Sarah, you cannot go wrong here. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for someone they can trust.

- Ole O.

Chiropractic care is an alternative people should consider before seeking surgery. People with pain should consider chiropractic care. It works.

Talk to your doctor to tailor a treatment the best suits your needs. It is important to set up a regular maintenance program to remain comfortable and without pain.

Exercise,good nutrition, and a custom chiropractic program will keep you well and let you enjoy a pain free lifestyle.

- Bernard D.
Ironworker/Chiropractic Patient

I love this place. I've been having problems with my neck and what they are recommending me to do and doing for me is working!! These reviews have helped me decide to go there.

- Shay H.

Dr.Joe and Dr. Sarah go above and beyond most doctors. They make a real effort to get to know the patient before jumping into a treatment.

- PFCW Patient

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Joe and his staff. After one week of treatment, I have significant improvement in the range of motion in my shoulder. I have struggled with pain and discomfort for years. I feel like a new person. :)

- Kristine L.

Dr. Joe Paun is very professional and extremely knowledgeable practitioner. Also, his staff is very friendly. I would definitely recommend Paun Wellness for your chiropractic, pain management, and nutritional needs.

- Valerie A.

Was not sleeping more than a few hours a night. After seeing Dr. Joe and Dr. Sarah I am now sleeping 8 hours or more. Thanks!

- PFCW Patient

I really trust Dr. Joe with my back! He's very gentle, knowledgeable, and professional. He explains things so I understand what he is doing. I went to him 6 months ago for my neck pain that I've been living with for 10 years. When he was finished with the treatments, the pain was gone! Now I'm seeing him for lower back pain from a fall. The office hours are great and the waiting time is low. The massage therapists are wonderful, too! I brag about Paun Chiropractic as often as I can!

- Martha G.

Although I have not had the opportunity to use Drs. Joe or Sarah Paun, I know them both well on a professional level. I have talked to more than a couple of people who can't say enough good things about these guys! If you are looking for a chiropractor and/or wellness coach, this is the place. They also work with quite a few athletes at their office, helping them become better by understand how their bodies work and how to get the most out of them without getting hurt.

- PFCW Colleague

I have been going to Paun Family Chiropractic and Wellness since they opened. They make sure that the staff is as caring as they are. The doctors are caring and are willing to do research to find a way to help you whatever your situation. I suffer from migraine headaches, and in November 2011, I had enough. I mentioned it to Dr. Joe, and he suggested a therapy treatment that involved vitamins and adjustments. I was willing to try anything at that point. I had 1 migraine in the month of December 2011, and since then have had NO migraine headaches. I keep up on my adjustments, and from time to time I get a normal headache, but NOTHING like what I used to have. Not all migraine treatments help everyone, but this was the one for me. Thanks to Dr. Joe, I am 16 months migraine free and counting.

- Lacie M.

My back used to hurt. Now it doesn't!

- Ryan M.

My experiences at Paun have been nothing but great. The service is very personable and friendly. I have received an awesome massage, as well as continuous chiropractic care and services related to health and nutrition. The business is family owned and operated and they make you feel as if you are part of the family. Whenever I go there for an appointment, there are more and more people in the waiting area, which is a good sign for them.

- Nikki T.

Paun Wellness is a business run by a husband and wife team. Both of them are absolutely wonderful. Sometimes chiropractic businesses can be really "sales-y" and try to get you to do all sorts of things, but they aren't like that. I had a horrible back problem a year and half a go and Dr. Paun helped me through it and while he was "fixing" me, would talk about other issues I was having and some natural ways of helping it (nope, not selling me crap, telling me which vitamins would help my problems). Their massage therapist is freaking amazing. That woman has arms and hands of steel. I can't wait to go back to her. I had a problem with my medical insurance not wanting to cover my services there and Dr. Paun spent months and months appealing their decision for me. Unfortunately, they wouldn't pay for it, so I'm stuck with a pretty big bill. They are willing to work with you when that is the case. Overall, I really think they are wonderful people (they were recommended to me by my real estate agent) who truly care about their patients.

- Angela S.

I can't say enough about Paun Family Chiropractic after they helped me overcome a 3-weekbout with vertigo that no doctor could resolve. They have helped in so many ways, and are truly a caring, compassionate group of people. They are a loving family and extend that care to all of their patients. With chronic back and neck pain on top of vertigo, this is the place that provides comfort, care, and relief whenever I need it most. Dr. Joe provides healing and knowledge to aid in the process of recovery, and is passionate about wellness and prevention. He's a doctor who honestly cares, which is invaluable. If you are unsure about chiropractic care, I recommend at least giving it a try with this group of professionals. They have done wonders for my family and I.

- Andrea S.

I have known Dr. Paun for several years, you will not find a better physician out there. He provides exceptional service for his patients, ensuring that you leave his office with all your questions answered and feeling great! Highly recommend.

- Greg M.