Our Staff


Alison Thompson, Office Manager

Alison Thompson has worked for PFCW since 2014 and enjoys being part of an amazing team. Her job is to make sure you have a pleasant experience in our office as well as answer any insurance questions. She has learned everything she knows about Nutrition to Chiropractic from Dr. Joe and Dr. Sarah, who love to share their knowledge with their staff and patients.

She was born and raised in The Region.  Prior to working for PFCW, she worked at Inland Steel and at a local Dental Practice. When she's not working at the front desk, she's an active member of her church, spends time resale shopping, attending teas, and cooking (her love) for her husband and two daughters.


Sangi Cooper, Patient Specialist

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Brenna O'Laughlin, Patient Specialist

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Kat Jordan, Billing Manager

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Theresa Krohn, Massage Therapist/ Rehab Therapist

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Michael Behrens, Massage Therapist/Rehab Therapist

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Stephanie Olenik, Massage Therapist

Stephanie is a licensed massage therapist who is passionate about her work. She delights in helping people feel better both physically and mentally using therapeutic touch. She uses a variety of techniques to help release muscle tension, relax the body, and stimulate a persons' innate healing ability. Steph sees herself as a partner with her clients in their quest for health and well-being. She is a firm believer in daily meditation and daily stretching. Outside of massage, Steph is busy with her grandchildren, hospice volunteer work, and grief support.